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Student Life

We are dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, and low teacher-student ratio environment.

A Safe Environment
Royal Oak also practices and employs fire safety and lockdown procedures, and children practice these many times a year to ensure comfort and competence in these important safety routines.

Good Personal Hygiene

Hand sanitizer will be available for each classroom for children to use.   Children are taught proper handwashing techniques and have antibacterial soap in their bathrooms.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Daily sanitization occurs at Royal Oak, in conjunction with deep regular cleaning.  All surfaces are wiped down in classrooms and shared areas with an EcoLogo-certified Green product approved for use in Canada.  Frequently touched surfaces are disinfected two additional times a day.


Airflow and UVC Lighting

Each classroom has windows that open and fans to keep circulation and ventilation moving throughout the day. At the end of our school day, UVC lights are used in each classroom which emits UVC and ozone to aid in killing germs. 



We know children need opportunities for exercise, play, and social interaction. Royal Oak has an active intramural program, and each term holds 7 different clubs before and after school in order to promote skill development, social opportunities, and exposure to arts and athletic programs. The student council consists of peer-elected members and volunteers, this provides a means for student expression and leadership in the school. 

Hot Lunches

Most Thursdays, families will have the option of ordering a hot lunch to be delivered to the school. Hot lunches are strict COVID safety protocols are in place so that hot meals are prepared with gloves and masked food handlers, packaged and bagged individually on-site before transported, and then handed out at school while students are seated at their plexi-desks. Royal Oak also partners once monthly with local restaurants to provide diverse, fresh, and healthy lunch options from restaurants across Niagara.

Academic Opportunities

Students are encouraged to participate in international math, essay writing, speech, and art competitions.  

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