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Core Values

  • Academic Challenge through experiential education that fosters a lifelong curiosity for learning

  • Honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour

  • Perseverance and resilience

  • Respect for an tolerance and acceptance of others

  • Stewardship and generosity

Mission Statement

“We are a deeply connected learning community that fosters academic curiosity, inclusivity and perseverance in the individual child and encourages their development to become a responsible and honourable person”.

Vision Statement

To be an elementary school that develops a high level of personal and educational achievement as a foundation for future academic goals;  that promotes a strong sense of self-worth embedded in a cooperative school culture which, by respecting others, leads to an acceptance of difference, honesty and equity in both thought and action. ROCS students will prove to be effective stewards of their school, community and environment.

The appropriate use and implementation of such statements should be the responsibility of the School Leadership Team with Board guidance where appropriate, with the School Leadership Team ensuring these values are “lived” within the walls of the school and classrooms on a daily basis. It was also discussed at this workshop that a motto or mnemonic for these values to be shared, discussed and re-visited with students and staff would be extremely helpful in making this part of ROCS school culture. This responsibility will also lie with the School Leadership Team and teaching staff.


What the School does state in a clear and powerful way is its Inquiry-based educational philosophy, which is proving to be attractive to current and prospective parents. A commitment to experiential learning is also very evident. This philosophy links with the notion of community, even if undefined. 

Our Philosophy: Academics
Our Philosophy: Image
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