Lower Elementary

Royal Oak’s Lower Elementary classes are based on the same principle of design as our Early Years Program, as we know learning happens best when children are active agents in the learning process.

Inquiry-based learning is the cornerstone of our teaching philosophy, using the Ontario Curriculum as a guide. In Lower Elementary, students are ready for increased challenge and independence. Our students in these grades are proficiently exploring real-world problems, from studying environmental science and tackling important questions about humans’ role in our world, to the core concepts of curriculum, such as grammar, reading comprehension and fluency, and math skills.

Children work more independently at these grade levels, and use their fellow students as co-learners and sources of knowledge as well as the teacher. We encourage group work and collaboration, as well as project-based learning where students can show their knowledge acquisition and new interests through intricate projects and personal presentations.

French Instruction

Royal Oak children also receive daily instruction in French for a minimum of an hour a day from an experienced French teacher. By receiving instruction in a second language at this early age, children have a better opportunity to become fluent.

Specialty Programs

In addition to a rigorous academic program, other specialty subjects offered at Royal Oak include the Arts, Music, and Physical Education. Regularly, the students participate in field trips in order to become enlightened on the subject matter they learn in class.

Physical Education is offered twice a week, and Royal Oak continues to deliver unique programming in this area of the curriculum as well, with several exciting sports being taught. As part of our Physical Education program, our children have taken part in such things as golf lessons, soccer, basketball, tennis, martial arts and self defence, hockey, and much more. 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
Nelson Mandela
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