Inquiry in Our Classroom


At Royal Oak, we believe in children’s capacity to engage and learn deeply.


Children are experts — they have been learning since birth, observing, imitating, making sense of their world, asking questions and assembling knowledge.


At Royal Oak, we build on children’s learning abilities through a process called “Inquiry”, where children’s ideas are valued and their questions drive the learning process. We want our youngest learners to learn in a way that honours their natural curiosity, and thus, all of our classrooms including the early years focus on knowledge creation through the Inquiry method, which includes play.


In our inquiry-based classrooms, teachers use their extensive knowledge of the Ontario curriculum to guide learning. They ask open-ended questions and engage students in critical thinking, allowing them to tackle subject matter that interests them, and to use their hands and their brains to delve into new material. Students study complex topics, ask difficult questions, and often do research and projects to come to deep understanding of curriculum content.

Our Math Program

At Royal Oak, each day of programming involves a minimum of one hour set aside for math.


We know that early success in mathematics is the number one predictor of overall academic success in the later grades (National Research Council. 2009), and thus deep understanding and engagement in this subject area is of primary importance. Our programming is well-balanced, and children learn in a hands-on way, solving difficult yet realistic problems, using collaboration and discussion as well as computation. We believe procedural practice is also important however, as children also need to feel confident in the fundamentals of numeracy (or walk before they can run!)

When you walk into Math classrooms at Royal Oak, you hear student voices and you see students working in groups with their hands using manipulatives and solving difficult problems in multiple ways. Our students are solving and discussing real world problems that challenge them as learners, and engage their minds and curiosities.

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